Welsh Cakes made with spelt flour

March 17th 2015

Welsh Cakes made with spelt flour Welsh cakes, little pan fried cakes made with flour, sultanas and optionally spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. The ingredients and and method remind me of scones although Welsh cakes are pan fried and not oven baked.

I used spelt flour for these, but you could use plain wheat flour. I use a mixture of spices called speculaaskruiden in Dutch, which is similar to pumpkin spice. You could also use just cinnamon.

Ingredients for 15 Welsh cakes:
225g spelt flour
3 ts baking powder
½ ts speculaaskruiden or cinnamon
75g sugar
110g butter, cold
110g sultanas, raisins or currants
1 egg, beaten
Optional: little bit of milk
Butter for frying

Mix the flour, baking powder, spices and sugar. Cut the butter into cubes and use your fingers to rub the butter through the flour mixture.

Once the butter has been incorporated the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Mix the sultanas through and the beaten egg. Add tiny amounts of milk if your mixture is too dry. My mix didn’t need any extra milk.

Shortly knead into a ball. Flour your work surface and roll the dough to 1cm or 2/5 inch thickness. Cut with a 7cm or 2½ inch cutter.

Heat a non stick pan on a low heat with a small amount of butter. Fry the Welsh cakes for 3 minutes each side. Wipe the pan clean between batches to remove crumbs and regrease with butter.

Welsh Cakes Dust with sugar or serve with jam and eat them hot or cold. I liked them simply on their own for lunch or as a snack.

Recipe adapted from Milly Makes Mean Cakes.

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