Valentine sweeties

February 15th 2010

Lof der ZoetheidWe normally don’t go out of our way on valentines, but we just couldn’t pass on this lovely box of sweetness from Lof der Zoetheid.

Lof der Zoetheid
Lof der Zoetheid1: Strawberry shortcake with blood orange and macadamia nuts.
2: White chocolate raspberry cake
3: Brown sugar: honey bush, honey and almonds
4: Strawberryfields forever: strawberry, roses and cornflower
5: Berry bomb: cranberry and orange
6: Homemade marshmallow
7: lollypop
8: caramels with fleur de sel.

Lof der Zoetheid
I haven’t tried everything yet. But what I had so far…. <3. The caramels are soft and sweet and .. just gorgeous. The marshmellow soft, melt in the mouth with a sugary dusting of what seems dried raspberry. I think my favourite so far is the white chocolate raspberry shortcake.

Lof der Zoetheid
This box is so cute and pretty. It’s ALMOST a shame to eat it. On the right the caramels and a 1 cup bag of Earl Grey tea with rose petals.

Lof der Zoetheid
Toshi wanted in on the action :). If LdZ does another batch of these boxes next year I need to remember to get 2. Believe me you don’t want to be sharing these.

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