Tested: Waffle iron and 2 recipes

July 9th 2014

Brownie waffles I’ve started a new “Tested” categorie for sharing tested products, gadgets and recipes. Usually I don’t share my Dutch product reviews in English, but I do think some are relevant for an international audience.

I’ve been wanting to buy a waffle iron for some time now. Especially after seeing some of Ellen’s and Kay’s photo’s and recipes of delicious waffles. I was fortunate enough to receive a waffle iron from Fonq a Dutch online store.

Domo Waffle iron The waffle iron is from the Piet Huysentruyt line of appliances. It’s size is compact, but it can make quite large and thick waffles. The dial sets the temperature and the lights indicate whether it’s finished heating up.

I like how speedy it reaches the desired temperature and the waffles I cooked were done in about 5 minutes per batch.

Brownie waffles I just had to try a sweet and a savory waffle recipe. In the photo above you see chocolate brownie waffles dusted with a bit of powdered sugar and topped with strawberries.

The recipe is from Kitchen meets Girl’s blog and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t like this recipe. According to the recipe you bake the waffles until crisp. Mine didn’t crisp until I removed them from the iron to cool.

The softness of the waffles made it very hard to remove them from the iron, despite of the non stick coating. Fortunately the non stick coating did make it easier to clean up the remaining waffle bits.

Parmesan black pepper waffles class= These were the ones I’ve been dying to try. Kay’s Parmesan black pepper waffles. The yeast and long proofing made these incredibly light and airy. I baked them until crisp on the outside and served them with bacon. The waffles didn’t take long to bake, were easy to remove from the waffle iron and came out clean.

I love the thick waffles you can make with this gadget and I would definitely recommend it. One small point of criticism is the short electrical cord.

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Fonq in consideration for review publication. All opinions are my own.

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