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St. Anny, Rotterdam – food shopping

Date: 07-07-2010

It has been a while since we bought some snacks from St. Anny in Rotterdam. We were in the neighbourhood scored some Chinese roasted pork at May Fung went by St. Anny’s and got these goodies. Fried Cha …

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Valentine sweeties

Date: 15-02-2010

We normally don’t go out of our way on valentines, but we just couldn’t pass on this lovely box of sweetness from Lof der Zoetheid.

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Dim Daily Take away

Date: 08-12-2009

Last sunday we went for some Dim Daily take away. Our favorite restaurant was closed so we went for the next option. It had been a while since we had food from Dim Daily. Don’t think we’ll be …

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Sushi ya take away Maastricht

Date: 04-10-2009

We spent a week in Maastricht and had a chance to pig out on some yummy foods. After a bit of shopping we brought home some Sushi Ya sushi. I had the set on the left containing: 2 …

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Birthday munchies

Date: 24-07-2009

For my 30th birthday we bought some yummy stuff at Koekela. Most of what we got didn’t survive long enough for me to take pictures. We got, 3 pieces of carrot cake, 2 pieces of truffle cake, 4 …

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