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White Chocolate Fudge with Cranberries and Pistachios

White Chocolate Fudge with Cranberries and Pistachios
Date: 30-10-2015

If I had known fudge would be so easy to make I would have made it much sooner. This version is based on sweetened condensed milk and chocolate and not the sugar caramel version.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies
Date: 13-11-2014

According to Tessa from Handle the heat these are the ultimate chocolate chip cookies. Big, chewy and soft in the middle, crispy on the outside and full of chocolate chips.

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Scones with Clotted Cream

Scones with Clotted Cream
Date: 30-04-2014

You just can’t have scones without clotted cream. I recently tried a Dutch version called “scoontjesroom” and I love it.

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Lemon Curd & Ricotta Turnovers

Date: 19-02-2014

I was watching Unique Sweets on Foodnetwork when I came across lemon curd and ricotta turnovers. It was made with a short crust type pastry. I didn’t want a short crumbly pastry so I opted for an easier …

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Urban Bakery Rotterdam

Date: 11-02-2014

We’ve got a new hot spot in Rotterdam, the Urban Bakery. Stefan happened to be in the area and just had to stop by to get some awesome treats.

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FBS: MiCook – Cream Puffs with Chocolate sauce

Date: 27-01-2014

This month I signed up for another Dutch Food Blog Swap. This time I was assigned Maaike’s blog(Dutch). It took me a while to find something, because she has a wide variety of recipes.

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Lemon bars

Date: 03-12-2013

Lemon bars have been on my “to make” list for way too long. I happened to have a big jar of homemade lemon curd in my fridge when I came across Maaike’s recipe(NL) and I just had to …

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Carrot cake with walnuts and cream cheese icing

Date: 26-11-2013

My first time making carrot cake completely from scratch. Thanks to Caroline(NL) for the recipe, which is originally from The Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi.

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Lemon curd

Date: 13-11-2013

Last week I shared our yummy lunch with you. Here’s the recipe for the lemon curd. This recipe I found at Pauline’s website Uit Pauline’s Keuken (in Dutch).

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FBS: Lemon Cake

Date: 26-08-2013

A bunch of Dutch bloggers have grouped together and organized a monthly Food Blog Swap / FBS. You sign up and are randomly assigned another blog from which to cook a recipe. I skipped a couple of months …

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