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Indonesian Ketoprak

Indonesian Ketoprak
Date: 18-06-2014

This recipe is a variation on a Ketoprak I’ve made earlier based on a recipe by Kokkie Slomo (Dutch). I still used his sauce as a base, but used a different method. I also added more vegetables, that …

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Gado Gado

Date: 06-10-2010

I tried to recreate a nice Gado-gado I’ve had from a take away place. Gado-gado is an Indonesian dish of a vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce dressing. I’ve made it into a one bowl dish with …

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Experiment: Indonesian pasties – Pastel Goreng

Indonesian pasties
Date: 27-04-2010

I love Indonesian pasties or pastel goreng as they are sometimes called. If you want more info or pics search for “Pastel Goreng”. They are deep fried pastries with meat filling. For the recipe I followed a Dutch …

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Tempeh Goreng

Tempeh Goreng
Date: 19-04-2010

Tempeh Goreng is a sweet and spicy Indonesian side dish. The first time I tried it was at a friend’s house at a dinner party. They had bought it ready made at an Asian shop. 2 weeks ago …

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Indonesian Potato Croquettes

Indonesian potato croquettes
Date: 26-11-2008

For the potatoes: 600gr of potatoes Salt Pepper Grated nutmeg 1 egg Filling: 250 gr of mixed pork/beef mince Bit of ketcap manis Grated nutmeg (about half a nutmeg) Little bit of sugar 1 clove of garlic Peel …

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