Sushi with friends @ Kiraku the Hague

September 27th 2010

Sushi & Sashimi moriawase
To celebrate the BF’s new employment we treated 3 of our friends to sushi at Kiraku in the Hague. Forget about the all you can eat! Kiraku is very good, has a Japanese chef and the starters are absolutely fabulous.

On with the pictures!

We ordered a whole bunch of stuff. I wasn’t able to take photo’s of them all, but I got most of the dishes.

King Crab Salad
I had the King Crab salada: pieces of king crab, avocado, tobiko (flying fish roe), salad leaves, shredded daikon, shredded carrot and Japanese mayonaise.

P had Hotategai: panfried scallops with a creamy wasabi sauce. I wasn’t able to try the scallops, but the sauce was very nice :p.

R&A both had the tuna avocado salad, the same I had here. BF had miso soup as a starter.

Salmon Sashimi
Rainbow roll
For my main, I had salmon sashimi and a rainbow roll. The salmon sashimi also had pieces of tomago (japanese omelette) which was nice and sweet. I didn’t eat it with the slices of onion, because I didn’t want to ruin the flavor of the salmon. The Rainbow roll was filled with shrimp and avocado and topped with different kinds of fish. I kinda overdid it with the amount I ordered, but most of us had the same “problem”. However we didn’t waste too much.

Sushi & Sashimi moriawase
If I remember correctly P, R&A all had the sushi and sashimi moriawase. Which had sashimi, nigiri and small rolls. R also had salmon/tuna sashimi.

Otoro Sashimi
Nigiri moriawase
BF had Otoro sashimi (fatty tuna) and a nigiri moriawase.

We went kinda early (6pm) and the place was almost empty. With our geek chatter we didn’t really notice much. A bit of a downside was the waiting staff that didn’t have much to do, other than stare at our table a lot. Want… more.. sushi!!

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