Pre-Birthday Lunch

July 26th 2010

My birthday was on the 25 of July. Turned 31 (omg).. I’ve been craving lobster, since it has been about a year since I last had any. We went to Grand Palace in Rotterdam.

We chose to types of dim sum:
Char Siu Cheong Fun
Char Siu Cheong Fun, Chinese bbq pork wrapped in rice noodle sheets with soy sauce.

Turnip cake
Turnip cake, steamed rice flour and Asian radish with dried shrimp and pork cut into slices and panfried. One of my all time favourites, especially when the outside has turned crispy.

As our mains we had half a Peking duck and lobster together with some steamed rice. I really wanted some pork belly, but they had run out. 🙁

Peking duck with pancaked
Thinly cut pieces of Peking duck with crispy crunchy skin.

Peking duck with pancaked
Pancakes and toppings (cucumber, spring onion, pickled cabbage and hoi sin sauce) for the peking duck.

Peking duck with pancaked
Om nom nom! It’s making my mouth water.

And my all time favourite which I just don’t have often enough.
Lobster with ginger and green onions
Lobster with ginger, garlic and spring onions.. I ate my first lobster as a kid with Chinese New Years. It’s been a long time since I celebrated it with my family and only recently discovered the dish at a local restaurant. Sadly though it was a bit tough, because it was slightly overcooked. I still loved it though and the sauce on it’s own it just yummy.

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