Peking Duck with pancakes

November 23rd 2010

A week ago we got some Peking duck supplies at a local Asian supermarket. Boneless pre-prepped Peking duck, pancakes and hoisin sauce.

You defrost the duck, place the halves skinside up in a tray and bake for half an hour to 45 minutes. Steam the pancakes, slice a spring onion and cucumber into strips and you’re done.

I had this with some steamed rice. Top the pancakes with strips of duck, spring onion, cucumber and a bit of hoisin sauce. I added a bit more duck on top of my rice with some plum sauce.

This is totally not a recipe, but a very nice and easy week day dinner. Real peking duck is normally just the crispy skin on pancakes, but this is a good home version. I’m just salivating over the photo’s I made and it doesn’t even look pretty. :p


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