Panfried tofu with spicy sauce and rolled omelette

May 6th 2010

Fried tofu and rolled egg I came across a Maangchi tofu sidedish recipe and I just had to try it. I had most of the ingredients at home, I just didn’t have the hot pepper flakes. Since there is no Asian supermarket nearby, I replaced it with a chopped up chili. No idea wether the taste is similar, but it was great with chili as well.

Wanted to go to Wah Nam Hong in Rotterdam yesterday, but we were 15 minutes too late. So still no hot pepper flakes :(. In the photo above you see the panfried tofu and a Maangchi rolled omelette sidedish. I had these with some left over rice, roasted pork belly and some salad. The meat wasn’t really necessary, but I wanted to finish up our leftovers.

Fried tofu and rolled egg Tofu close up.

My rolled omelette was a bit sloppy and I was unable to get a rectangle shape to it. Practice makes perfect though :). I’ll be having this more often though, especially the tofu.

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2 comments on Panfried tofu with spicy sauce and rolled omelette

  1. 06-05-10 1:53 pm

    awesome! It looks fabulous!

    • 07-05-10 3:35 am

      Thank you :). I’ll definitely will be trying your Yukhoe and skewer pancakes recipes!