No Churn Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

June 26th 2015

No Churn Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Delicious frozen strawberry yogurt with just 3 ingredients! The mixture doesn’t need to be churned which makes it even better.

I came across a more elaborate version of this ice cream on BBC Good Food’s instagram account. It had crumbled shortbread cookies and freeze dried strawberries on top. I’ll definitely try that next time.

150g / 5.5oz strawberries
500g / 17.5oz Greek yogurt, 10% fat
⅔ can condensed milk (1 can is 397g/14oz)

Puree half of the strawberries with the condensed milk. Cut the other half in small pieces. Mix both with the yogurt.

Pour the mixture in a container and seal with a lid or cling film. Place in the freezer and stir once every hour 3 times.

The frozen yogurt will be done after about 4 to 5 hours. Once it has frozen completely solid you can remove it from the freezer 15-20 minutes before serving.

The original recipe doesn’t require stirring, but I was better safe than sorry. Stirring can help prevent ice crystals and make for a smoother end result.

No Churn Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberries have a fairly high water content. Freezing them makes them quite hard. If you prefer you could blend all of the strawberries and stir them through the yogurt.

The 10% fat in the yogurt makes the frozen yogurt creamier and softer than non-fat or no-fat yogurt would.

No Churn Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Although the ice cream hasn’t turned bright pink it still has plenty of strawberry flavor. You could always add more strawberries if you like.

Adapted from BBC Good FoodStrawberry Frozen Yogurt.

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