Kiraku the Hague

November 24th 2009

Kiraku Last saturday, BF and I had dinner with a friend(Peter) at Kiraku in the Hague. We wanted to try a different restaurant this time. And a good thing we did.

My all time favorite Japanese restaurant was Genki Tei in the Hague. I’m not completely sure which one is the winner but this one is just awesome. Oh and they have two Japanese chefs, most Japanese restaurants here have Chinese chefs.

On to the photo’s! Forgive me, some are blurry and when there is food you have to be quick with taking pics :p.


tuna avocado salad I had the Tuna avocado salad. It has little bitesize pieces of raw tuna, avocado, fine strands of carrot and daikon radish, a spicy wasabi/mayo dressing topped with a bit of spring onion and Katsuobushi (dried bonito shavings). This dish was absolutely gorgeous. If I had to fault it, it could do with a bit less wasabi.

tuna tataki Our friend had Tuna Tataki. Pan seared tuna, raw in the middle with a spicy dressing.
He also had HALF a serving of Tori no teriyaki, crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce and the BF had miso soup as a starter. Sorry no pics!

dragonroll I had the dragon roll, tempura prawn inside out maki topped with avocado. Sushi rice was nice and warm.

rainbowroll Peter had the rainbow roll. Prawns and avocado on the inside, salmon, tuna and some white fish on the outside. This one had more flavor than the dragon roll (duh) and was very good. No idea what the white fish was, doesn’t say on the menu either.

sushi sashimi mixBF (Stefan) had the sushi and sashimi mix. I can’t recognise all the fish in the photo, but believe me it was good. *drool*

We didn’t plan on having desert as we had some custard Berliners waiting for us in the fridge back at Peter’s. But we felt we had to try as much as we could.

sushi icecream Stefan had the most “spectacular” desert. Sushi icecream :). A strawberry nigiri, sponge cake rolls and chocolate dipping sauce. Strawberry, icecream and nori wasn’t a very nice combo. But it did look cute! I wasn’t very fond of the chocolate sauce, tasted a bit weird.

yukimi daifuku I had the yukimi daifuku, vanilla icecream in a sticky rice layer. It was pretty small and the layer didn’t add any flavor. Just a bit of a chewy texture.

ginger icecream Peter had ginger icecream. I didn’t feel like having it, because often ginger is a bit overpowering. I had a taste though and it had a nice mild ginger flavor.

3 courses for 3 people added up to about 115 euros with drinks. Not too bad and the food, especially starters and mains were ABFAB.

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