Dim Daily Take away

December 8th 2009

dimdaily Last sunday we went for some Dim Daily take away. Our favorite restaurant was closed so we went for the next option. It had been a while since we had food from Dim Daily. Don’t think we’ll be having the same from them again.

We ordered beef ho fan (rice stick noodles), ngau yuk kau (beef dim sum) and a pork dim sum wrapped in bean curd sheet. It was a bit of a let down. The rice sticks were fine. The thin strips of beef were nice and tender, but they had a not very pleasant stock like flavor. Not the deep luscious soy flavor we’re used to. The beef dim sum was nice, the pork dim sum was pretty bland.

It’s a shame, we used to visit Dim Daily regularly a couple of years ago. They also do sushi, but for sushi I’d rather go elsewhere.

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