Chocolate truffle tart

March 2nd 2011

Chocolate truffle tart I made this truffle tart to celebrate our 11 yr anniversary. I’ve made truffle tarts before, but this one is the best so far. No baking involved and only 4 ingredients.

For the base:
150gr Digestive cookies
50 gr melted butter
For the filling:
250 ml cream (unwhipped)
275 gr dark chocolate (54%)
parchment paper
spring form (18 cm diameter)
Optional chocolate for decorating

Preparing the base

Butter the spring form and line with parchment paper. I wedged one piece between the bottom and the edge and used a strip to line the sides. Blend or break the cookies until they’re all mashed up finely and mix the melted butter through. Put the mix into the spring form and smooth with the back of a spoon, press well and make sure you have an even base. Put in the fridge to harden.

The filling

Break the chocolate into pieces and bring the whipped cream just to the boil (use low to medium heat). Pour the cream over the chocolate and stir until it’s all blended together. Pour the filling onto the base and try to smooth the top. You don’t have to be that precise if you want to decorate the top. Leave it to cool and let it harden for a couple of hours in the fridge (still in the spring form).

And the truffle tart is done! Super easy and oh so yummy! The first tart I made, I used 74% chocolate, which was a bit too strong. The tart is fairly small and low, but a small slice is enough per person.

After the tart hardened I decorated it with grated white and dark chocolate. Some chopped nuts on top would also be great.

If you use a bigger spring form, I’d double the filling. The base should still be fine. Make more if you like a thicker base.

Chocolade truffeltaart

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  1. 17-07-11 5:25 pm

    Your Chocolate truffle tart look so yummy. Thank’s for sharing the recipe.

    • 25-07-11 11:30 pm