Chinese Favorites

December 2nd 2009

Chinese Favorites A post about some of my favorite Chinese dishes. Excuse the bad quality phone pics, but I just had to share these. Also not sure about the “correct spelling” of these dishes. I might be of Chinese descent, but I don’t speak it.

Top photo:
Mapo tofu a spicey dish made with tofu, beef or pork mince and some veggies. Usually has lots of Sichuan pepper, which I’m not a huge fan of. At this Cantonese restaurant they don’t use it that much. Very yummy with plain steamed rice. Behind the Mapo tofu you can see a glimpse of turnip cake. I love these the most when the outside is nice and crispy and has not too many dried shrimp.
Rice sticks with beef, wide rice stick noodles with thin pieces of beef, spring onion and bean sprouts.

Chinese Favorites Left: Cheung fan, rice sheet stuffed with char siu. Right: Cheung fan stuffed with You tiao.

Chinese Favorites Left: Ham sui kok, fried sticky rice balls stuffed with a meat and veggie mix. My Dutch mom and I always call them lemon balls because of the shape.
Right: Siew long pao, steamed dim sum stuffed with a meat mixture. It’s really hard to describe the flavors. I don’t like the dip that usually goed with it though. It smells absolutely foul.

Chinese Favorites Last but definitely not least, Ming Ha Dong it’s what they call it at the restaurant we usually visit. Shrimp and mango fried in batter served with a sweet and sour sauce. Before I tried this dim sum, I never had shrimp and mango together. But they are absolutely fabulous.

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