Cheat’s Mapo Tofu

April 12th 2010

Mapo Tofu I absolutely love Mapo Tofu provided it doesn’t contain a lot of szechuan pepper. I’ve often tried to recreate it, but never got very close to what I’m used to eating at restaurants.

This is my cheats version. Since I use a packet of black bean sauce from the supermarket. I won’t make it into a recipe posting, because I don’t think this particular sauce is widely available. I panfried pork mince and then added, garlic, chopped chili, green onion and diced tofu. I didn’t have any ginger, but it was one of the ingredients in the sauce. The left over tofu I deepfried and put it on top before eating.

I won’t say this is a authentic mapo and it did taste different from the regular stuff. But it was a step in the right direction and still very good in itself. I think the black bean sauce made all the difference. We went to the asian supermarket last weekend, but unfortunately weren’t able to find authentic black bean sauce.


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