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Braised pork ribs Indonesian style

Braised pork ribs Indonesian style
Date: 10-04-2015

Certain ingredients can get me so excited. Only recently I’ve been able to buy my beloved thick pork ribs.

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Beer stew and mashed potatoes

beer stew and mashed potatoes
Date: 25-05-2013

I love stews! This beef stew made with beer along with mashed potatoes is one of my favorite comfort foods.

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Pork Cheek Stew

Pork cheek stew
Date: 31-08-2009

Ingredients: 1 pork cheek 3 small onions 1 bottle of beer 2 garlic cloves Good nob of butter 1 tbs thyme 3 bayleaves 4 cloves 4 juniper berries 2 tbs dark syrup cornstarch or flour Beef stock cube …

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