Simple potato salad

by PJ

Ingredients: potatoes chicken stock chopped parsley mayonaise mustard yoghurt 1 small onion strips of bacon salt/pepper A left-over recipe. I had some…

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Pecan pie

by PJ

Ingredients: Shop bought puff pastry 100gr sugar Pinch of salt 70gr melted butter 3 eggs 250ml corn syrup 150 gr pecans I…


Pork Cheek Stew

by PJ

Ingredients: 1 pork cheek 3 small onions 1 bottle of beer 2 garlic cloves Good nob of butter 1 tbs thyme 3…


Marinated Chicken thighs

by PJ

Marinade: Soysauce Hoisin sauce Dark Chinese soysauce Ketchup Garlic powder ginger   During the week I don’t feel like cooking most of…