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Birthday Food – Lof der Zoetheid

Lof der Zoetheid
Date: 28-07-2015

Last saturday I celebrated my 36th birthday. Usually we celebrate with just the two of us and go out to dinner with my parents later in the year. This year we only planned on having a little celebration …

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Urban Bakery Rotterdam

Date: 11-02-2014

We’ve got a new hot spot in Rotterdam, the Urban Bakery. Stefan happened to be in the area and just had to stop by to get some awesome treats.

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Peking Duck with pancakes

Date: 23-11-2010

A week ago we got some Peking duck supplies at a local Asian supermarket. Boneless pre-prepped Peking duck, pancakes and hoisin sauce.

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Saturday shopping

Date: 16-08-2009

Saturday we went shopping to buy a glass teapot for our blooming teas. It is a little bit small, but is perfect for us. We don’t usually drink that much tea anyways. At the same store we also …

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