Birthday High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid Rotterdam

August 4th 2010

Sunday 25th of July we had a full blown NOM Fest. High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid. We had lots and lots of savory and mostly sweet yummy goodness. It was our first time eating there and it will certainly wont be our last. I definitely want to try the meatballs in tomato sauce that were tempting me while we were waiting for our own table.

LdZ has a nice decor which is a mixture of vintage and clean crisp design. There is one big modern table at the center of a bunch of old salvaged school tables and stools. An old record player plays some jazzy tunes. Acousticly it isn’t very ideal, sounds resonate all over the place.

The suspects:
High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid

The loot:
High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid

Rest of the pictures behind the cut cuz I have loads of them. Excuse any photography fails, my mind was elsewhere… (hmmm.. food)

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
O oh! Where are the scones?

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
Cool teapot with a tap, filled with hot water (I WANTS ONE). You can pick your own loose tea and make your own blends.

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
We started with the scones, which were still nice and warm. With the scones came thick whipped cream (not clotted cream), pineapple jam and strawberry jam. The pineapple wasn’t my favourite, the strawberry jam was o/. Here my plate is still unscathed, but not for long.

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
Next, the mini buns. They were topped with cured beef and onion relish, goats’ cheese with walnuts and honey, ham with something I don’t remember and nettle cheese with tomato sambal. My favourite was the beefy one with super sweet caramelised onions. I’ve never had nettle cheese before, the flavour reminded me a bit of oregano or tyme or maybe that was just the tomato sambal.

By the time I ate half a bun I was already starting to feel full. But somehow managed to go on. :p

Don’t remember the order of we ate next, but it was all good.

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
Savory tarts. On the left: aubergine, caramelised onion, walnuts and goats’ cheese. Right: broccoli something :p.

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
Left to right: homemade marshmellow chocolaty things, nut bomb and caramel coffee squares.

High Tea at Lof der Zoetheid
Left to right: lemon cheesecake, cheesecake and chocolate cake. The ricotta cake with japanese berries has mysteriously vanished. >.>

It’s a good thing they “doggybag” the left overs. By the time we got to the cakes we just couldn’t go any further. All in all it took us 2 hours. Anastasia (the owner) was proud of how far we got.

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