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Birthday munchies

Date: 24-07-2009

For my 30th birthday we bought some yummy stuff at Koekela. Most of what we got didn’t survive long enough for me to take pictures. We got, 3 pieces of carrot cake, 2 pieces of truffle cake, 4 …

Category: Take away

Yogurt Scones, bye bye Delia

Date: 19-07-2009

Ingredients: 280 gr self raising flour 50 gr cane sugar 10 gr baking powder 1/4 ts salt 80 gr cold butter 1 large egg 1 sachet vanilla sugar 4 tbs yoghurt I used to make Delia’s scones. These …

Category: Desserts & sweets, Recipes

Indonesian Potato Croquettes

Indonesian potato croquettes
Date: 26-11-2008

For the potatoes: 600gr of potatoes Salt Pepper Grated nutmeg 1 egg Filling: 250 gr of mixed pork/beef mince Bit of ketcap manis Grated nutmeg (about half a nutmeg) Little bit of sugar 1 clove of garlic Peel …

Category: Snacks

My Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhaji
Date: 18-11-2008

Ingredients: 200 gr gram flour 100 gr plain flour 1/2 tsp baking powder about a cup of yoghurt 1 spring onion paprika powder curry powder pinch of salt couple of turns of pepper some water I tried this …

Category: Snacks