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Sushi, sushi, SUSHI!

Date: 11-10-2009

BF and I planned on going out to dinner at one of our favorite Cantonese restaurant for some dim sum. Unfortunately they were closed. We planned on going low budget and tried an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. But surprise …

Category: Out for dinner

Beer battered shrimp with panga pak choi stir fry

Beer battered shrim
Date: 05-10-2009

Battered shrimp: Peeled deveined shrimp Self raising flour pepper/salt beer Stir fry: 2 pangasius fillets chicken or vegetable stock soy sauce 1 pak choi 1 onion 2 or 3 cloves of garlic 1 tbs chopped ginger Another day …

Category: Fish

Lamb rack with chimichurri

Date: 04-10-2009

Cooking at mom’s. Oven roasted lamb rack with red cabbage and hassleback potatoes. The potatoes were a bit ugly so I won’t be sharing those today :p. For the chimichurri sauce I mixed the following ingredients: extra virgin …

Category: Dish of the Day

Sushi ya take away Maastricht

Date: 04-10-2009

We spent a week in Maastricht and had a chance to pig out on some yummy foods. After a bit of shopping we brought home some Sushi Ya sushi. I had the set on the left containing: 2 …

Category: Take away

BF Risotto

Date: 27-09-2009

Ingredients: Arborio rice Beef (bone marrow) stock Grated parmesan 1 courgette 1 small onion Chestnut mushrooms Frozen peas Salt/pepper BF made this really nice risotto. We don’t often have risotto and it’s still a bit of trial and …

Category: Rice

Simple potato salad

potato salad
Date: 22-09-2009

Ingredients: potatoes chicken stock chopped parsley mayonaise mustard yoghurt 1 small onion strips of bacon salt/pepper A left-over recipe. I had some spare bacon strips in the fridge and decided on a potato salad. Boiled the potatoes in …

Category: Potato, Salads

Roasted chicken with bulgur salad

Roasted chicken with bulgur salad
Date: 21-09-2009

Roasted chicken: one small chicken 1/2 tbs thyme Salt/pepper 1 lemon 1/2 tbs garlic powder 2 small onions Olive oil Bulgur salad: Bulgur 1 small pepper Juice of 1/2 lemon Feta Olives Eggplant Parsley Semi sundried tomatoes Marinated …

Category: Chicken, Salads

Pecan pie

Pecan pie
Date: 16-09-2009

Ingredients: Shop bought puff pastry 100gr sugar Pinch of salt 70gr melted butter 3 eggs 250ml corn syrup 150 gr pecans I made my first nut pie a couple of years ago. Me being a dummy I didn’t …

Category: Desserts & sweets, Snacks

Jalapeno Poppers

Date: 11-09-2009

I recently learned about Jalapeno Poppers and later found them at a local food/non-food wholesale store. I have to say the idea of the poppers was better than the taste. Will finish the bag one day, but won’t …

Category: Take away

Pork Cheek Stew

Pork cheek stew
Date: 31-08-2009

Ingredients: 1 pork cheek 3 small onions 1 bottle of beer 2 garlic cloves Good nob of butter 1 tbs thyme 3 bayleaves 4 cloves 4 juniper berries 2 tbs dark syrup cornstarch or flour Beef stock cube …

Category: Recipes, Stews