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Experiment: Fried chicken

Fried chicken
Date: 31-03-2010

I wanted to try to make my own fried chicken. Plan was to fry the chicken pieces twice to make them extra crispy. As this was somewhat of an experiment I can’t give you exact measurements. For the …

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Steamed rice with chicken shawarma

Date: 30-03-2010

At a local Islamic supermarket we bought chicken shawarma readily cut and spiced. I don’t know how these were spiced so I can’t help you with that. Before pan frying the shawarma I pan fried an aubergine and …

Category: Dish of the Day

Savory hoddeok (Korean pancakes)

Savory hoddeok (Korean pancakes)
Date: 22-03-2010

I’ve been a subscriber to Maangchi’s Youtube channel for some time now. And along came a recipe for which I didn’t need a lot of special ingredients that would just sit in my cupboard unused. Hoddeok, Korean …

Category: Recipes, Snacks

Dinner @ friends’ house

Date: 20-03-2010

Had dinner at a friends’ house. We went shopping at an asian supermarket and got some yummies. Above steamed Sui long bao dim sum. One had a bit of a tragic accident with another dim sum and damaged …

Category: Out for dinner

DotD: Oven baked chicken wings and potato salad

Date: 18-03-2010

Don’t remember the exact ingredients and measurements of todays dish so I made it a DotD post. Marinated oven baked chicken wings, potato salad, boiled egg and a couple of baby gem leaves. For the marinade I used: …

Category: Dish of the Day

DotD: Cream cheese, spinach and bacon pasta

Date: 16-03-2010

Simple student food. Although I haven’t been a student for some time now I still enjoy this pasta. Pasta with cream cheese (garlic and herbs cream cheese), spinach ala creme and strips of bacon.

Category: Dish of the Day

DotD: Panfried pangasius with fried rice

Date: 11-03-2010

Panfried pangasius fillet to which I added a little soy sauce at the end with fried rice (egg, broccoli, onion).

Category: Dish of the Day

DotD: Pasta in creamy mushroom and ham sauce

Date: 08-03-2010

I’m back and will post some updates on some food photo’s I made in the meantime. This is a cheats dish since I used a packet for the creamy sauce. Penne with strips of ham, ordinary button mushrooms …

Category: Dish of the Day

Dinner from scraps

Date: 01-03-2010

I like making fried rice from left over scraps. This time we had fried rice with a small onion, grilled bacon and frozen peas together with mini spring rolls and acar.

Category: Dish of the Day

Exactly as promised, super easy Pecan Brownies!

Pecan brownies
Date: 24-02-2010

I had a square brownie tin sitting in the cupboard for quite some time now and it was about time that it got used. We went grocery shopping before I really looked at any recipes. I only got …

Category: Desserts & sweets