Anniversary Dinner date

January 19th 2014

PJ & Stefan Hiya! You don’t see these two faces on this website very often, but today we are celebrating our 14 year anniversary. We often celebrate with food and yesterday that food was sushi at Zuma in Schiedam (the Netherlands).

14 years ago I was waiting at a train station to meet Stefan. We had known each other for about a year over the internet *nerd alert* and we hit it off straight away. I won’t make this article to gushy and move on to the food.

Zuma Schiedam Zuma is a fairly new restaurant, so we weren’t surprised to find the place fairly empty. Also, we went reasonably early in the day, so it wouldn’t be too hectic. By the time we went home, it started to fill up quite quickly.

Zuma is a Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant. These types of restaurants have quickly become popular in the Netherlands. They offer an assortment of sushi, but also many grilled and fried dishes.

I liked the decor, but I could do without the blue neon stripes. A warm orange, red or yellow would seem more suitable for a restaurant.

Zuma Schiedam Food is ordered per round. In each round you can order up to 5 dishes per person. On the left the Zuma roll which differs each week. On the right salmon nigiri and seaweed gunkan.

Zuma Schiedam Different types of nigiri: egg, shrimp, sea bass, eel, tuna and salmon sashimi.

Zuma Schiedam Deep fried roll filled with crab stick.

Zuma Schiedam California roll, tuna roll and tuna sashimi.

Zuma Schiedam We mostly ordered warm dishes in the final rounds. I was getting pretty full and didn’t take as many photo’s. On the left beef rolls and on the right grilled fish. We also had shrimp and vegetable tempura, tempura shrimp roll, miso soup, fish balls, yakitori, gyoza and torikatsu.

For dessert we both had a scoop of black sesame ice cream.

The food was presented with care, but very typical for Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurants. Ideally sushi rice is eaten at body temperature and is seasoned with vinegar and sugar among other ingredients. Often you can tell by the rice and the nori whether the sushi has been made fresh. When sushi has been made well in advance, the rice has gone cold and the nori isn’t as crispy.

The sushi or sushi rice was cold and somewhat dry, overall though we really did enjoy our food. The raw fish was nice and fresh and cut from nice pieces without sinew. The beef rolls were my favorites among the warm dishes.

Not a very fancy restaurant, but I like it that way. Ideal for a relaxed and not too expensive lunch or dinner.


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