Deviled Eggs

by on 4 April 2014

Deviled Eggs I love deviled eggs. It was one of my favorite party foods as a kid. In the 80′s our family’s party food was cold platters, asparagus wrapped in ham, grilled chicken drumsticks and deviled eggs.


Tested Recipes, Experiments and Snap shots

by : 31 March 2014

Another snap shots post with mostly tested recipes and experiments.

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Red Cooked Pork

by : 10 March 2014

A new Nombelina favorite. Red cooked pork, also known as dong po pork or dong po rou. I first came across this dish … Read more

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Karaage Onigiri & Miso glazed Eggplant

by : 28 February 2014

I have a new obsession. Karaage, a Japanese version of fried chicken. For todays recipe I made them into onigiri and ate them … Read more

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Fried Rice with Corn Fritters

by : 24 February 2014

This is one of my versions of fried rice. I tend to vary this dish from many ingredients to just a few.

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Lemon Curd & Ricotta Turnovers

by : 19 February 2014

I was watching Unique Sweets on Foodnetwork when I came across lemon curd and ricotta turnovers. It was made with a short crust … Read more

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Urban Bakery Rotterdam

by : 11 February 2014

We’ve got a new hot spot in Rotterdam, the Urban Bakery. Stefan happened to be in the area and just had to stop … Read more

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FBS: MiCook – Cream Puffs with Chocolate sauce

by : 27 January 2014

This month I signed up for another Dutch Food Blog Swap. This time I was assigned Maaike’s blog(Dutch). It took me a while … Read more

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Anniversary Dinner date

by : 19 January 2014

Hiya! You don’t see these two faces on this website very often, but today we are celebrating our 14 year anniversary. We often … Read more

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Onion, Rosemary and Cheese Focaccia

by : 14 January 2014

As you might have noticed from my previous recipe, I totally love my new oven and stand mixer. I couldn’t wait to try … Read more

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